The acknowledgement section should be used to appropriately credit individuals who were influential in the publication of the work but do not qualify for authorship. Authors can also disclose funding details in this section. At the end of the article, authors can include a separate area for acknowledgements, placed right before the reference section. When acknowledging those who assisted with the research, it’s preferable to have individuals who provided language help, writing assistance, or article proofreading. However, these individuals should not be listed in the footnote or other pages.1

Acknowledge who influenced the work but aren’t authors: list funding and people who helped with research, language, writing, or proofreading. Don’t include them on the title page — no competing interests or funding sources. Use grant details if within scope2,3.

Please refrain from including any information about competing interests or funding sources that may financially benefit or be affected by this publication. If the provided funds or grants fall within the scope of the acknowledged grant, authors may include funding details in the designated format below.

The ABC {author’s name} has disclosed that they received support for their research work from XYZ {funder name} with grant numbers xyxyx, URL {online available information if any}.


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